1KIND Apparel Ross Dickerson 1KIND Apparel, my new fashion clothing brand has been a long time coming!  My idea for the 1KIND brand came to me last year and was inspired by my fitness journey and the belief that we are all 1 of a KIND.  No solution is a "one fit all" and in my fitness plans although I have a formula, it is easily adapted to fit everyone's unique situation. 
My clothing brand expresses that individuality in us all.  It is easy to jump in and make assumptions about people, make judgments and criticise, but noone knows what is going on inside someone else...we are all 1 of a KIND.
My new clothing line is starting simple, with the basics, but I will expand the range over time, always keeping to simplicity, quality and easy wearability.
As many of you know I have struggled with a life-changing mental illness this year and am still slowly recovering with the help of an amazing support network comprising family, loved-ones, friends and the professionals from the Great British NHS.  Mental health is at the forefront of the news  and hearing more about it, and hearing from some of my social media followers who are experiencing mental health issues, has helped me understand my own illness better and realise there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  In an effort to support raising awareness further, and hopefully help a few people, I am going to be donating £1 from every item of clothing sold to MIND, a UK Mental Health Charity.